Welcome to BachelorettePartyStripper.com - The home of Big Jim, the best value in bachelorette party strippers. Straight out of Royal Oak Township Michigan he'll give you a taste of married-life that no amount of booze will be able to wash away. So don't be afraid to book Big Jim for your next bachelorette party.

Big Jim the Bachelorette Party Stripper is available nationwide provided you pay for his bus fare and his food.

bachelorette party stripper butt crack
Big Jim really likes to put on a show.

Don't worry though, my wife is OK that I take off my clothes for money. She is just glad it gets me out of the house once in a while. Besides, if you were married to a fine hunk of junk like Big Jim you might want to share the wealth.

Big Jim is not well endowed but he does have fairly good rythm for an older white guy. He has strong thumbs too. So he can open beers and bottles of wine. He can also do some home repairs but not very well. Big Jim can fit 1/2 can of pringles in his mouth and he has had a vasectomy. He is a great guest at a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette party stripper tighty whiteys
Choose your costume:
  • Cop (with Donuts)
  • Pizza Guy (I can only promise 1/2 pizza will be left by the time I arrive)
  • Plumber (3 inches of butt crack are provided free, each additional inch $5)
  • Sweaty computer guy

Choose your underpant style:

  • Boxers
  • Boxer-Briefs
  • Tighty-whiteys
  • Banana Hammock
bachelorette party stripper belly squeeze
Special Offer! The Bachelorette and Maid of Honor will both receive complimentary samples of Big Jim's belly button lint at no additional charge!

Only $57.23 weekdays and $61.12 weekends. Note: You must feed Big Jim and provide him 3 domestic beers. Big Jim cannot be held responsible if he clogs your toilet. e-mail: bigjim (then a zero then a six)@bachelorette.com

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Check Out my MySpace Profile. I will be your friend if you want me to.

If we become friends can I sleep on your couch? Not overnight or anything. I just want to come over for a short nap. If I nap at home my wife tends to bother me.

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